a pig joke

There once was a man who loved animals very much , and he would drive his wife to the brink of madness by bringing various animals home.

One day he brought a little pig home . His wife exclaimed ; – » this is the last straw. We can not keep this animal ! Where would it sleep ? » . – » It could sleep together with us in the bedroom» the man answered . -» In our bedroom ? Are you Crazy ? What about the smell ?» .  -«Well , it would just have to get used to that .»

blessings of modernity

a warm shower to warm and cleanse ; blessed be the plumbers.

safe again

feeling numb with fear of perceived sinister and occult realities ; a double dose of Olanzapin to attain deep sleep.  And it becomes true again ; with deep and dreamless sleep , the new day is born again, hope restored. So, blessed be the inventors of Anti Psychosis medication. Modernity can be a wonderful thing..