Write today

this day and place to write Something .. Those symbols that reading glasses amplify ; Bam ! Right there ..

If you are contemplating an Onion with blurry eyes , the brain will signal : » cool it is a veggie «

But if there was something written on that onion , brain would panic » cannot read it ! help»

Or so it seems to this writer ..

put pen to paper and hands on keys ; mission accomplished

flight of the witch

i used to have dreams of floating .. Not really flying ; i would just walk along dream avenue and my steps would start to carry me further & further along, moon jumping.. 

the thought of new world ordering can be oppressive .. it is sometimes better to enjoy the moment now that is free for you at least.. for you and yours.. 

the new order is arriving .. but to believe that all must come to sorrow will only make you radiate hopelessness ..and the rulers do not mind that at all ; smile at the other humanoids in captivity ..


Electric message

To look around at the milling human throng , one might become thoughtful. Each face is subtly unique. What does it signify? Cats and Dogs of the same breed, have the same face, same facial appearence..


So maybe the difference in the faces of humans indicate that within each human form resides a soul that was once the sum of an alien breed from an alien star, and somehow we have all ended up in a galactic zoological garden; this Earth..

the alien line subtly shape and stretch our visage, until it is a unique marker within the garden..

There has been previous stories about one race collecting other intelligent species in a zoo for observation. This story suggest we are alien souls looking out of an average fleshform. On this garden planet we orbit within an anicent space empire long dead ..

this Halloween

the barriers between ghostly realms and the world of the living are less defined this night…so make it a Good Night with some candles for dearly departed ..


an All Hallows Eve centered on dreams of fair weather , of Sun and tumbleclouds.. Focusing on benevolent affairs , the cozyness at the heart of home..

the Banana Codex


There are limits to what an ordinary citizen can do to influence society in a wholesome way.. But one can stop watching TV and embrace veganism.. 

And while doing  these two things one can also seek to balance the mind , find the still place between foolish hope and numbing despair..

Nothing is Divine

When observing Living Entities, limbs lifting and eyes seeing , we can focus on the goodness, even beauty , of the form. But each eyeball is a fragile gelatin bubble..and disease and accident can make a human moan and wish for an ending to pain, an end to being caught  in this Material Reality..

avia 01

And if the injury of accidents were not enough , some humans will cause suffering to others…And animal vivisection .. Cows kept in pens with standing room only, inseminated artificially, so that milk can be taken from them. Also taken from the cow is her Calf, to be slaughteted and eaten by the hungry mouths of humans..

Those are some of the Qualities of our material reality..another quality is the Gravity of matter ; all matter pull at all other matter.. So, taking a chance , and claiming that matter is Wrong and Error.. then it’s opposite , the Celestial Realm , must be Good..

and since God is the good entity that is as non-material as possible , then God might be some kind of Anti-Matter, his precence blooming out as anti-gravity..or Dark Energy that seems to be ripping our cosmos apart, each little bit of matter coming apart from every  other little  part..

The Great Rip..think about it ; all the horrors and ugliness dissolved ..fishooks, nylon thread and surgeon masks ; all coming apart into more and more minute particles , a song of freedom, the Undoing of Hell..

avia 02