it is by the strange suns that soft frogge-skin is slowly touched….

the magicians of Ordo Mysticae

they considered themselves interested in lessening suffering while still understanding that growth can hurt….in other words…..though they had difficulties accepting it….they considered themselves good…

But what is good then?  What is the good intention?

And could they conceive a secret path that would help humans to walk for themselves as well as for animals?  could they make a conspiracy for good?

Or would they wander mostly silently for compassion?

it was around..

It was around mornish….Claude LeFont shuffled out of bedroom and haphazardly made the days preparations….or was it night?  Claude had No Idea..

And then…..; he just KNEW he had to be at the Art Gallery in Pointe Bleu Avenue at exactly 11:30 AM…

so began Claudes Meeting with Mystery..